Unfortunately, due to lack of demand to present and market this product to the English speaking world, we will only translate static pages and information. Thank you for your understanding. For more information in English, feel free to contact us.

Welcome to the online presentation of Paragraf company
and its law-economic database Paragraf Lex

Paragraf Lex is an electronic legal database (database for legal practitioners and legal research that is installed on a subscriber's computer) providing its users with an easy and quick access to different law-related documents of importance for the lawful and legal business undertaking. It is conceived in the form of a legislative database encompassing regulation/legislation, laws, bylaws, decisions, rules, selected court decisions, ministry and other state institutions’ opinions, customs tariffs, contract and other templates, paperwork needed for court and other legal proceedings, founding acts, work of legal entities and companies and cessation of their work as well as general acts of different types which are concerned with elements important for business running: employment relations, taxes, finances, foreign trade etc. The database also contains 3 magazines with daily updates:

• Law-economics magazine Paragraf e-Press
• Budget instructor – magazine that deals with law and accounting relating to public companies and other entities that come within the scope of the country’s budget system
• Taxes and accounting instructor – magazine dealing with taxes, accounting, salaries, financial and employment law

Within these 3 magazines, our company’s editorial office reports news about deadlines, bankruptcy, liquidation of companies, notifications and instructions from state authorities and other law-related news. With the expert help of our external associates with various fields of expertise, we also publish comments on the novelties within the Serbian legal system and answers to users’ questions, whereby a special emphasis is given to the issue of practical application of the legislation. In these magazines our subscribers are given the option to ask questions about uncertainties regarding practical application of legislation that they deal with daily. We hire experts who are our external associates to provide answers for our users, free of charge, and if we deem these answers interesting for the wider audience, they are published in all 3 magazines.
Large and incomplete archives, unsuccessful hunting for important answers and needed information, lack of legal knowledge and understanding are all a thing of the past. Now, with only a few mouse clicks, judges, attorneys, lawyers, economists – in other words, all those whose work requires them to be knowledgeable and updated about legislative matters - can easily obtain the information they seek. The all-encompassing content of Paragraf Lex, which covers different business segments, saves your time, making it a very useful professional tool.

Over 13,000 computers with installed Paragraf Lex are a guarantee of its quality and the confirmation of the aforesaid. Nevertheless, we are ready to give a practical demonstration so that you can see for yourselves the quality that we offer and join all those whose trust we have already earned.

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